Before and After Photos

Here is a brand new way to interact and share your journeys!

Below you’ll see the Coffee Date #12 video of some of my friends sharing something they used to (or still do) feel insecure about (“before” photo), and then an area in which they now feel confident (“after” photo). I want to see YOUR before and after photos! 

So here’s what you do… get creative, take a couple photos (one “before” and one “after”), and email them to I’ll post them here to encourage one another on our journeys! Or you can simply submit the text only in the comment section below (i.e. “I used to feel insecure about  my ____, but now I know that ___”).

(I reserve the right to not approve comments/post certain photos. As you create yours, please do not include any numbers; i.e. “I used to weigh or be this size.” Keep it more generic.)

On the video below, scroll to 1:08 to watch the Coffee Date #12 before and after photos.


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