9: Chai Latte

This page goes with chapter nine of “The Insatiable Quest for Beauty” book.

So remember when I said Greg was the only guy in any of my coffee dates (during video interview #5)? Well I kinda forgot about this coffee date. So there are actually are a few more guys (sorry Greg)…but this is different. It’s actually a compilation of several different guys sharing what they’re looking for in a woman. Check it out – I think you’ll enjoy this one!

Okay now you have to, have to, have to read these two short, insightful, and incredibly encouraging thoughts from two of my friends. First, from my friend Rick – a guy’s perspective called “What women need to know about finding and keeping a man’s attention.” And secondly, what my friend Deb has to say about all this. She used to feel like I did – just not good enough and comparing herself to the girls around her – and this is what God told her. I’m calling it: “Different Portions.”

I also was talking with my friend Ashley recently, and loved what God was teaching her about guys! So I asked her to record her thoughts for all of you. Here it is:

Deleted Scene: I took this section out of the final version of the book to save space, but I think it’s really important for us to think about. It talks about how we see guys and what’s truly important in a relationship. Check it out – it’s called “Why I Threw Out My List.”

Songs: Here’s my sparkling, hopeful song called “Someday” – you can listen to a clip or purchase it in the online iTunes store.

And then this is the song I wrote for Karl when I left Australia!! Actually…I say I wrote it for him, but I never played it for him. Moreso I wrote it for me…and now for you! I set it to pictures that my friend Joanna took of me just a couple months after I returned home from Australia.

If you feel like I did – that you’re not pretty enough to keep a guy’s attention, check out ZoeGirl’s song “Plain.” This was one of my favorites for a long time! Two other songs I loved were “Not the One” (also by ZoeGirl) and “For My Love” by Bethany Dillon. These next few I’ll bet you’re familiar with – I love the girl power in them: “White Horse” by Taylor Swift and “King of Anything” by Sara Bareilles.

Books: Here are some books I loved: “For Women Only” by Shaunti Feldhahn gave me an insightful (and encouraging) look into guys’ minds! “Boundaries in Dating” by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. James Townsend was a fascinating look at dating relationships and how to have a healthy one…but it also helped me in my singleness to know what’s really important in a guy and how to go about looking for a relationship. Along the same line, “Safe People” (again by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. James Townsend) helped me learn how to build healthy relationships – both romantic relationships and friendships. This book was especially helpful because I didn’t have a lot of experience with healthy romantic relationships.

Bible Reading: Check out Psalm 37:3-4. God gave me this verse several years ago, in regard to finding a husband. He showed me that I needed to “dwell in the land” of singleness, living it to its fullest and not trying to rush into another land of relationships. If I cut my singleness short, outside of His time, I’d hinder what He was trying to do in my life. Then I needed to “feed on His faithfulness,” trusting that as I stayed where He put me, He was holding my future in His hands. He always has been faithful in my life and I know He always will be. I can trust Him with relationships too. Then it says that as we delight ourselves in Him, He will give us the desires of our hearts. I’ve found that as I delight myself in Him, He in fact becomes my great desire.


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