Different Portions

36742072By Deb C.

I know when I used to go to a certain young adult church group, I saw all these super cute girls, and extremely sweet girls, and really smart girls, and very talented girls, and I thought to myself, “Why would a guy ever chose me when there are all these other girls who are prettier than me or sweeter than me or smarter than me or more talented than me?” I felt very discouraged…

…and then I felt God say to me, “Yes, there are girls that are prettier, and yes there are girls that are sweeter, and yes there are girls that are smarter, and yes there are girls that are more talented, but I have given you different portions of all of them that make you completely unique. There will always be someone smarter, someone prettier, someone sweeter, someone more talented, etc., but that person doesn’t have all the other traits that make you uniquely YOU. I designed you exactly how I desired you to be and there is a man out there that will want and need you to have exactly the traits that you have been given.”

How awesome is that?! God designed each of us for a purpose and a calling and He designed our personality, passions, abilities, and giftings to match up exactly with what He has planned for us.

A lot of people that you are jealous of may just be jealous about something about you. Example: I now have a young adult “small group” that meets at my house (it’s a church thing where people have Bible studies or common interests and get together during the week to hang out. It builds community in big churches) and there have been several times that GirlA will admit she is jealous of GirlB and GirlB will respond with shock and say that she is jealous of GirlA for something completely different that GirlA didn’t even realize was a blessing because she was so focused on being discontent with what she has.

So don’t focus on what you don’t have that you want. Focus on what you do have and how you can bless others with it. Happiness hunts you down when you start giving happiness to others.


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