2: Caramel Cappuccino

This page goes with chapter two of “The Insatiable Quest for Beauty” book.

Here we are again. I love our little coffee house – the high top tables and strong flavor of coffee in the air – so strong you can almost taste the scent. It’s the perfect place for me to be vulnerable and honest with you. Have you ever felt like you were wearing a mask of perfection to cover up your brokenness? Have you ever reached a breaking point, when you realized the path you were on was the uglier path? Check out my friend Brittany’s story, and how she’s discovering self-acceptance.

Songs: Here’s the first song I promised you – “Mask.” It’s the opening song on my CD and portrays the way I felt like I was covering up all the pain with a smile, showing the world a brave face. Check it out, let me know what you think:

Wow. Every time I hear it, I’m brought back again. It’s so raw! I love it! If you’d like to purchase a copy, you can at iTunes online store.

Lullabye: The other song I promised you was the song I wrote when I broke up with my boyfriend: “Lullabye.” (And yes the “e” is on the end because it’s a goodbye lullaby. Cute, huh?) Side note: I apologize in advance for the typos. I can’t figure out why, when I upload it, it drops the last letter in the line. I tried it several times and don’t know how to fix it…so, just know it had all the words typed correctly before it was uploaded. 🙂

Resources: This is a hilarious and challenging short piece my friend Ashley wrote called: “Beauty Alzheimer’s” – about facebook photos and our view of ourselves. Check it out!

Bible Reading: Check out Genesis 3:6-10. At the very beginning of time, Adam and Eve hid from God after they first sinned. To this day, we continue to hide from God, others, and ourselves, feeling ashamed or afraid. But when Adam and Eve were hiding from God, it kept them out of the close relationship they had with Him. Instead of protecting us, hiding actually separates us from real relationships and makes us feel alone. God doesn’t want us to hide from Him; He wants us to come just as we are, letting Him forgive, love, and transform us. He also wants us to find trustworthy people who can help us learn to let down the mask, knowing we’ll be loved as we are.


2 thoughts on “2: Caramel Cappuccino

  1. Hi Mrs. Dawn this is Chloe Cochran. A couple weeks ago you came to talk at Cary Christian School and I bought your book and have been reading it, and watching your videos ever since! Your book has really inspired me to focus more on my inward appearance and not on my outward appearance. Thank you for being a true inspiration for me!

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