4: White Raspberry Hot Chocolate

This page goes with chapter four of “The Insatiable Quest for Beauty” book.

Mmm, nothing like white raspberry hot chocolate to make a lonely Saturday night that much better! 🙂 I am officially obsessed with white chocolate and raspberry flavors. I feel like they’d taste good on anything! (Maybe even pizza?)

Regardless of whether or not white chocolate tastes good on pizza, I’m wondering, have you ever felt the kind of suffocating aloneness I talked about? I want to have my friend Leah share her story with you. It’s a powerful story of a journey from depression to hope; a journey that continues as God teaches her new things and provides greater victories. So check this out – and may her story bring you hope.

Mom’s Devo: Here’s the promised devo from my mom! Sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to start getting to know God – particularly if we don’t “feel” anything happening. How do I seek God? How do I pray? If you’re wondering those things, check this out: How do I seek God?

Songs & Books: You can check out a clip of my song “Empty Hands” or purchase it in the iTunes online store. Then, here are some things that spoke to me about this topic. Once again, you can click on the title if you want to check it out on youtube (or amazon for the books): “Hungry” by Kathryn Scott. “Voice of a Savior” by Mandisa. Then remember how we talked about C.S. Lewis’s theory on gasoline? You can read it for yourself in his fabulous book “Mere Christianity.” I LOVED this insightful read – but it took time! It’s something you have to read, absorb, and digest a page at a time.

Bible Reading: Psalm 16:5-11 is our passage of the day. It talks about the fullness of joy that is found at the right hand of God. It says God is the psalmist’s inheritance, and as he stays close to God, he finds fullness of joy. This is what I’ve found in my own life – as I set the Lord always before me (even when it feels like nighttime in my walk with God, and I don’t see or feel Him there), I will not be shaken, but instead I will stand strong and I will find pleasures forevermore. In other words, He fills the emptiness with His fullness.


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