5: Hot Apple Cider

This page goes with chapter five of “The Insatiable Quest for Beauty” book.

I’ve always had a “not good enough” complex. Whether it’s with friends, God, boys, or my dreams in life, I often feel like an imposter – like someone who’s not quite good enough but will fake it until she makes it. This is a lesson God started to teach me back when I had blonde hair and pink clothes, but it’s also a lesson He’s continuing to teach me. I don’t have to work so hard. I don’t have to fake it until I make it. I don’t have to ask Him for what He’s put in my heart, and then feel guilty or prideful that I would dare to think He has great plans for me.

He wants to love me, to bless me, to give me more than I’ve ever asked or dreamed. Why? Because I’m His daughter, and He is a good Father who delights in me. Lately He keeps telling me, “Revel in My love. Dance in it. Squirm around in it gleefully like a pig would in the mud. Rejoice in it. Rest in it. Be whole in it. Expect good things. Anticipate My blessing. Because I’m your Father who delights in you. This is My heart for you.”

He’s been teaching me that it’s not about being good enough; it’s about staying close enough to His heart.

The love of God. Wow. It is truly mind blowing, and yet as Job said in the Bible, we know only a whisper of His ways, only a drop in the ocean of His love. Check out today’s video. I asked my friend (and the amazing drummer on my CD!) Greg to talk about his own struggles with body image and the incredible, unshakeable confidence he has found in Christ’s love. I’m extra excited about this video for a couple reasons: (1) It gives you a guy’s perspective on body image and (2) Greg is insanely passionate about the love of God and his passion is contagious.

Wow, life changing stuff right there! Really think about those things, receive them, and allow them to change your life.

Speaking about learning who we are in Christ, here’s a bookmark my friend Karyn made for me as a beautiful reminder (see right).

Deleted Scenes & Devotional: One of the things I discovered, as God was revealing His love to me, was that I didn’t know who I was anymore. I’d hidden behind a mask for so long that I had no idea who the true Tiffany was – the Tiffany underneath the mask. Have you too thought, “You’re telling me to be myself, but how can I do that? I don’t even know who “myself” is or how to figure that out!” Here’s a deleted chapter all about the journey to finding myself. It’s called “Let Down the Mask.” My mom also wrote a powerful devotional on this same topic, of being who God made us to be, which I’ve called “The Rejected Cornerstone and Discarded Oddities.” I think you’ll love it just like I did!

Songs: Here you can check out a clip of my song “Awakening,” which relates to this topic. I have to say, it’s one of my favorite songs off of my album. Now I have to share an incredible song with you. I’ve never found another song quite like this, that grabs my heart so deeply with the love of God: “Beloved” by Lara Landon:

Here are some other songs I’ve loved over the years. “Known” by Audrey Assad is one of my recent favorites – just realizing how fully He knows and loves me! “When You Were a Child” by Jason Upton is peaceful and healing, calling us back to that childlike love my sister Amy knows. “Dance with Me” by Chris DuPre (covered by Jesus Culture), “Oh How He Loves” (this is Glorious Unseen’s version of the song Greg mentioned in the video – I love this version), “Free to Be Me” by Francesca Battistelli, and “More Beautiful You” by Johnny Diaz are some other favorites.

Books: You read a quote from Sheri Rose Shepherd’s devotional “His Princess: Love Letters from Your King.” I highly recommend this read – it is so precious! “You Are Special” by Max Lucado gives one of the best portrayals of the way God sees us, and helps to put this world in perspective. “Approval Addiction” by Joyce Meyer helped me work through my struggles of looking to others for approval and worth.

Movies: “The Passion of the Christ” with Mel Gibson gives a graphic illustration of the lengths to which God went in order to buy our freedom. Then click below to watch Nick’s powerful, inspiring testimony of enjoying the person he was made to be…even when that involves having no legs or arms:

Bible Reading: Ephesians 3:14-21 is Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians. He asked that God would open their eyes to understand the depths of how much God loved them, so they could be filled with the fullness of God. Take some time and ask God to begin to open your eyes, so that you could see how huge His love for you is. When we have this personal revelation of the love of God for us, it changes our lives. It truly fills us with all the fullness of God.


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