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Now, what is this book all about?

“The Insatiable Quest for Beauty” is a series of twelve “coffee dates” (rather than chapters) which share my journey into confidence. I used to hate the way I looked, try to find confidence in being perfect and beautiful, and look to guys to give me approval and value. My obsession with image led into disordered eating, losing sight of who I was, and brokenness.

“The Insatiable Quest for Beauty” intimately and honestly tells my story and the practical steps I took toward freedom. It contains entries straight from my journal, and each coffee date connects with one of the pages on this website. This website contains additional resources and other women’s stories, as related to each coffee date in the book. Each coffee date also relates with one of the songs on my CD.

So there you have it. That’s what this website and book are all about! I want women to find freedom through realizing they are unconditionally loved just as they are. I want them to find confidence by losing sight of themselves as they gaze upon Him. I want them to find the wholeness I found.

On this coffeehouse website, I’ve got resources for small groups to do book studies on “The Insatiable Quest for Beauty.” For information on booking me to share “The Insatiable Quest for Beauty Seminar” and links to purchase the CD of songs I wrote on my journey (“This Is Who I Am”), visit my website:

Have fun exploring!


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